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November 7, 2011


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لبیک یا حسین

The American (government) can not understand what Labbaik ya Hussain a.s  means.
We will stay still here, and our slogan will remain, and it is utmost necessary for the U.S (government) to be advised on this.
The American (government) can not understand what Labbaik ya Hussain a.s means. Labbaik ya Hussain means that you be ready in the battlefield, even if you are alone. Even if all the people abandon you, and accuse you, and leave you to yourself.
Labbaik ya Hussain a.s means you and your property and your wife and your children are in the battlefield. Labbaik ya Hussain a.s means that the mother sends her son to the battlefield, and when he gets martyred, and the enemies cut his head and throw it in front of his mother, she takes his head back home, rinses the dust and blood from it, and cleans it, and says to him: now you satisfied me, so God is to make your face white and shiny in the resurrection day because you have whiten my face in the presence of Bibi Fatima Zahra. This is what Labbaik ya Hussain means.
Labbaik ya Hussein means that the mother and sister and wife come to dress their son or brother or husband with the armored uniform for war, and lead him to the battlefield. Labbaik ya Hussain means, that Bibi Zainab s.a gives a certificate of martyrdom to his brother Hussain a.s. This is the meaning of Labbaik ya Hussain.
And I finish with these words, that I would like the whole world to hear from me: Each place in the world where people needs our help, we will be right there. And not just to wear the shroud (of readiness for for martyrdom) but we armed ourselves besides it.
And eventually say Labbaik ya Hussein.
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May Allah protect you, and keep your tongue moist with these words!
I'd like to ask permission to post this on Facebook, to keep the world aware of this. I have American relatives, and I'd like them to understand this slogan. Of course, I will be putting a disclaimer.
So, CAN I!? :D
Think-Analyze-BeYou Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Labbaik Ya Hussein!
Labbaik Ya Hussein.
pinkyaliya Feb 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Labbaik ya Hussain! May Allah (swt) grant the lover of Hussain (as) Taqwa, Tawfiq and Yaqeen and martyrdom for Imam Mahdi (atfj)
Labbaik ya Hussein
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